Salvage Garden – Eastern Ontario’s Hidden Gem

Salvage Garden, with its eclectic collection of salvaged architectural objects, is a store one would expect to find in large city centres like New York, Chicago or Toronto. Cities that are always demolishing the “old” to make way for the “new”, and where there is abundant and ready access to unique and unexpected finds. It is not something one expects to find in Eastern Ontario, or even less so in a small rural hamlet known as Enterprise, which is why we think it’s a hidden gem and worth visiting for even the most discerning of urban collectors, designers, builders, do-it-yourselfers and rural folks alike.

When you meet the co-owners and business partners, David Wood and Andrew Halkewycz, it immediately becomes apparent that giving new life to old objects and materials is a passion of theirs and is all part of their shared vision. That’s why the century old church that is now their store location makes so much sense.

We live in a ‘throw away society’ with an excessive production of short-lived or disposable items over durable goods that can be repaired, re-cycled or re-purposed. We believe that living with fewer things, but ones you absolutely love, creates a better quality of life, not just personally, but for the planet as well as future generations.

Finding objects their customers love and covet is a calling and talent that David and Andrew seem to have in abundance. So where did this vision and talent come from?

Late 1860’s solid walnut sofa with reclaimed rubber upholstery

David’s previous volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity Restore certainly seems to have influenced him. It’s where he learned to take items that were destined for the scrap heap and give them new life and purpose. Take, for example, an early custom shelving unit he built using vintage cast iron brackets. Creating his first finished designs got him wanting to do more and was the inspiration for their store concept. But it was also David’s experience in media and marketing that prepared him for making their dream a reality. This included creating an impressive online store, and promoting the business through social media. He’s also keen on taking advantage of local services such as the Lennox and Addington County Economic Development office which offers free and confidential business consulting.

Andrew ran an antiques store for many years so his merchandising background is a real asset. But they would both be the first to point out that their store is not an antiques business, although it includes some antiques. Andrew is intrigued and respectful of past cultures but likes to mix modern, antiques and sculptural objects. The result is an original, more curated reflection of their tastes including: factory windows, tin ceilings, doors, vintage metal cabinets, industrial lighting, advertising signage, tables and seating, mixed with unexpected objects such as original paintings, seasonal items and even vintage restaurant ware. It all works together to form a pleasing collection that is fresh, rustic and yet modern.

But what really struck us was the emphasis they put on “community”, which makes them ideally suited to making a go of it in rural Eastern Ontario and where they have already found many enthusiastic supporters. As they point out:

Many of our items are from the region which has an abundance of heritage buildings and talent. Local contractors, designers and tradespeople are discovering Salvage Garden not only as a resource for their projects, but also as a great place to channel salvageable materials that could otherwise be destined for landfills.

David and Andrew are always looking for new finds and will go almost anywhere to seek out treasures that match their style and vision. They also deliver and ship their items and have buyers from Toronto, New York, California, and as far away as France.

So if you’re ever looking for a fresh source of inspiration or for that special object in your home, office or business, then check out Or better still, visit their store on your way to Montreal, Toronto, Kingston, Prince Edward County or New York. They always have a pot of coffee ready, and a gracious warm welcome will greet you at the door.

Contact Salvage Garden

Store Location: 2900 County Rd. 14, Enterprise, ON, K0K 1Z0
Store Hours: 10 am – 5 pm Thursday to Saturday
Telephone: 613-217-9819

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