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Two Collectors of Early Ontario Chairs – Children’s Chair Focus

What a rare treat it was for Rogues' Hollow Antiques to spend the day with two collectors of early Ontario chairs. Due to the sheer volume of examples, we decided to focus on children's chairs. We don't often see such a large collection of early children's chairs in one place because many didn't survive their usage. The variety of forms and styles in this collection provides an interesting snapshot of[...]Read more

Portneuf and Spongeware Pottery – A Celebration

Dr. Peter Bell has a collection of rare Portneuf pottery (shown below) that he displays in his kitchen. It features a fine selection of plates, bowls, mugs and cups - export wares that were produced primarily in Scotland for domestic use by our early settlers. Canadian collectors often refer to spongeware pottery as Portneuf pottery. An official definition of spongeware from the The Encyclopedia of Pottery & Porcelain 1800-1900 could[...]Read more

The Canadian Clock Museum – One Man’s Passion

It's interesting to discover how some people channel their passions. Some become collectors, and when the time comes, they might donate their collection to a museum, sell it, or leave it to a beneficiary. In most cases the collection disperses and is lost forever. Then there are others who take an entirely different approach. Allan Symons belongs to the latter group. In May 2000, after a career as a research[...]Read more

Commissioning a Dog Portrait

Portraits of Dogs Throughout History Portraits of dogs go back thousands of years to when dogs were portrayed on the walls of caves. The earliest depictions of canines were found recently in Saudi Arabia's Shuwaymis and Jubbah regions showing petroglyphs (engravings) of dogs in hunting scenes dating back approximately 9,000 years. (1) Throughout history, dogs have been portrayed in art as pets, in hunting scenes, and in marriage scenes representing[...]Read more

Highlights from a 45 Year Collector of Antique Canadian Textiles

  When Dennis Mills invited Rogues’ Hollow Antiques to visit his comprehensive collection of antique Canadian textiles we knew that it was a rare opportunity worth documenting for its glimpse into Canada’s early history. Textiles are as varied as the world itself. Simply defined, a textile is any cloth or woven fabric produced by weaving, knitting or felting.  But textiles of course, are much more than that. They reflect our[...]Read more

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