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The Art of Akwesasne Mohawk Basketry

  The art of Akwesasne Mohawk basketry is an ancient tradition. One that has made these baskets world-renowned for their beauty, creativity, strength and versatility. A fragment of a splint ash basket found in Northeast Maine has been traced as far back as 4,000 years. The Mohawk Nation (part of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy: Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora) is located where New York State, Ontario and[...]Read more

Collecting Antique Wooden Decoys from Canada’s Leading Authority, Steven Lloyd

  Collecting antique wooden decoys has been a passion of Steven Lloyd’s for over 40 years. It started when he needed some decoys for hunting. Within a short period of time he found himself “appreciating the art form rather than the tool that they were.” Before long he was asked to speak at events and museums, generously sharing his knowledge and expertise with anyone who would approach him. In 2008,[...]Read more

Highlights from a 45 Year Collector of Antique Canadian Textiles

  When Dennis Mills invited Rogues’ Hollow Antiques to visit his comprehensive collection of antique Canadian textiles we knew that it was a rare opportunity worth documenting for its glimpse into Canada’s early history. Textiles are as varied as the world itself. Simply defined, a textile is any cloth or woven fabric produced by weaving, knitting or felting.  But textiles of course, are much more than that. They reflect our[...]Read more

Collecting Pitchers

We’ve been collecting pitchers at Rogues' Hollow Antiques for a number of years. We don’t specialize in any particular era or style, we just buy what we like. And what we like is an eclectic mix of styles ranging from Victorian transferware, and white ironware, to mid-century modern glass. Whatever the style, pitchers are an affordable and easy way to start a collection. You can begin by visiting antique shops,[...]Read more

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Open as of June 2nd, 2018
Thursdays 5-7 pm
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