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The Canadian Clock Museum – One Man’s Passion

It's interesting to discover how some people channel their passions. Some become collectors, and when the time comes, they might donate their collection to a museum, sell it, or leave it to a beneficiary. In most cases the collection disperses and is lost forever. Then there are others who take an entirely different approach. Allan Symons belongs to the latter group. In May 2000, after a career as a research[...]Read more

Portneuf and Spongeware Pottery – A Celebration

Dr. Peter Bell has a collection of rare Portneuf pottery (shown below) that he displays in his kitchen. It features a fine selection of plates, bowls, mugs and cups - export wares that were produced primarily in Scotland for domestic use by our early settlers. Many people confuse Portneuf and spongeware pottery. Before we begin, it would be beneficial to include "official" definitions of the two terms from The Encyclopedia[...]Read more

19th Century Canadian Sports Scene Pottery – A Celebration

We recently came upon a rare collection of "Canadian Sports" pottery carefully assembled over a 45+ year period by Dr. Peter Bell. Much of Peter's collection is displayed in a green painted cabinet of the period, giving the impression that one has just stepped back in time to the late 19th century when such a set could be easily obtained. If you have ever had the pleasure of coming across[...]Read more

Paintings on Canvas Q&A with Art Conservator Amanda Gray

Anyone who owns works of art will invariably come across one that might need restoration. It could be a tear or stain on the canvas, surface dirt, or flaking of the paint itself, which detracts from the artist's original intention. So where do we go to find a professional in our area, and to ensure that the restoration work is done with care and integrity? Rogues' Hollow Antiques turned to[...]Read more

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