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Highlights from a 45 Year Collector of Antique Canadian Textiles

  When Dennis Mills invited Rogues’ Hollow Antiques to visit his comprehensive collection of antique Canadian textiles we knew that it was a rare opportunity worth documenting for its glimpse into Canada’s early history. Textiles are as varied as the world itself. Simply defined, a textile

Croydon Antiques Rescues an 1820’s Log House from Demolition

David and Mary Jo Field are one of those singular couples that have managed to combine a personal passion for Eastern Ontario antiques with an exceptional eye for choosing authentic objects of beauty, originality and whimsy. So how did this couple come to develop such a keen eye and appreciation for

Historical Lighting Society of Canada

  Visitors to our shop sometimes ask us about early Canadian lampss, where to get them repaired, or where they can meet other collectors.  We always direct them to the Historical Lighting Society of Canada (HLSC) for access to the country’s leading experts and to find out more about the hist

Decorating with Folk Art

    Few people have mastered the art of decorating with folk art as well as Wendy Cain and David Hunt (right). It helps if you're an artist, but for those of us who may be less visually inclined, there are some lessons that can be learned by observing how they've done it. What strikes us

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