Collecting Antique Wooden Decoys from Canada’s Leading Authority, Steven Lloyd

Collecting antique wooden decoys has been a passion of Steven Lloyd’s for over 40 years. It started when he needed some decoys for hunting. Within a short period of time he found himself “appreciating the art form rather than the tool that they were.” Before[…]Read more

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Highlights from a 45 Year Collector of Antique Canadian Textiles

  When Dennis Mills invited Rogues’ Hollow Antiques to visit his comprehensive collection of antique Canadian textiles we knew that it was a rare opportunity worth documenting for its glimpse into Canada’s early history. Textiles are as varied as the world itself. Simply defined, a[…]Read more

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Croydon Antiques Rescues an 1820’s Log House from Demolition

David and Mary Jo Field are one of those singular couples that have managed to combine a personal passion for Eastern Ontario antiques with an exceptional eye for choosing authentic objects of beauty, originality and whimsy. So how did this couple come to develop such[…]Read more

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